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Please read carefully these conditions governing the use of services from cyberjayafarmersmarket.com and CJ Farmers Market Services (hereafter “CFM”).

1. Multiple Vendors

Any given “order”—which consists of your payment to CFM on one of CFM'swebsites by means of credit card, PayPal, or some other form of electronic payment—may be a single order which consolidates transactions between you and any number of multiple vendors as follows:

  • A transaction for delivery services or gift cards, if included in your order, is a transaction of services between you and CFM directly.
  • A transaction for certain products requiring licensure, certification, and/or inspection from a local or regional food regulator is a transaction between you and the licensed producer of that product. CFM is not a retail food establishment.  Such a transaction is facilitated by CFM as a merchant service provider and CFM agrees to pay the vendor for the product on your behalf. 
  • A transaction for certain products exempt from local and regional food regulations could be a transaction between you and CFM directly as a reseller of such goods.
  • All product is considered FOB (Free On Board) at the vendor's origin and you, as customer, have directed Market Wagon to deliver the product as a courier.

2. Safe Delivery Conditions

CFM will use necessary means, including but not limited to insulated packaging, cold packs (“ice packs”), pre-chilled containers, and packing temperature-compatible items in the same tote, to ensure your products arrive at the address that you specified for your order at safe temperatures for the food contained in your order at time of delivery. 

It is your responsibility to retrieve the order in a timely fashion after delivery has taken place, and transfer the food to proper long-term storage.  CFM is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, for food quality degradation, nor food safety risks due to prolonged delays in retrieval after delivery has taken place. 

If the address you specified for delivery is your home or business, retrieve the order promptly and place it into appropriate storage.  If the address you specified for delivery is a community pickup location, sometimes referred to as a “Market Host,” the product is your responsibility immediately upon delivery.  Neither CFM, nor the Market Host, assumes responsibility for the product's condition thereafter.  The hours of operation are provided for reference only and are not to be construed as a temperature-controlled window of time for order retrieval. 

Market Hosts are not responsible for inventorying or controlling access to your delivery while awaiting pickup.  Market Hosts are not responsible for stolen or damaged orders.

Meats may be delivered frozen or partially thawed at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. CFM recommends not re-freezing thawed meats.  Instead, store meats in your refrigerator and cook within 7 days.

3. Sales Tax

Most products sold on CFM are exempt from local sales tax.  However, CFM may assess appropriate sales tax(es) on your order, or particular items in your order, based solely on the instruction of the vendor with whom you transacted (see 1.b), on behalf of that vendor, and as a service to that vendor.  CFM gift cards and delivery services are not subject to sales tax.

4. Personal Use

Products sold on CFM are intended for direct-to-consumer use.  No warranty is made about the qualification of products for wholesale or food-service use.

5. Privacy

This order is subject to CFM's privacy policy, which can be found in this website.

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